The route is dedicated to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the Piceno territory: Offida

MEETING POINT: Lacemakers’ Square

DURATION: 3 hours, half day  

TRANSPORT: walking route

Extra costs could be expected to enter into some sites

NOTES: The route could be changed according yours demands


Offida is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It has one of the most interesting and untouched historical centers in the Piceno territory. Its name derives from an ancient divinity, Ophis; once Offida was an important spiritual center and still today in Offida important relics are conserved in many local churches..

Of great interest is the fortress: it was built by Pope Innocenzo VIII and it was designed by the Florentine Baccio Pontelli during the XV century. Nearby you can find the Civil Hospital made by the architect Pietro Maggi; it presents a neoclassical facade. We are seeing the monument dedicated to the Lacemakers which shows the typical artisan activity in Offida: the lace pillow. Strolling along the streets of the village you can find shops and workshops which show the objects realized by this ancient technique.

Merletto a tombolo, Offida

The lace pillow, Offida

We are visiting the beautiful square with the Collegiate Church (XVIII century) dedicated to Madonna of Palio linked to a miracle, the town hall (XIII century), one of the most beautiful palaces in Marche Region and the Serpente Aureo Theater inaugurated in 1820. Of great interest is the Baroque Church of S. Agostino where the relics of the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano are coserved.

Monumento alle merlettaie, Offida

The Lacemakers Monument, Offida


The masterpiece of the medieval architecture is the beautiful church of S. Maria della Rocca, a Benedictine spiritual center. It is full of frescoes of the XV century realized by the Master from Offida. In the crypt of the church you can admire some frescoes and two chapels dedicated to S. Lucy and S. Katherine from Alessandria. In the superior church, with a unique nave, you can find traces of frescoes with the Stories of S. Benedict and curious inscriptions leaved by pilgrims. These inscriptions tell important historical events in Offida such as documents.

In Offida you can visit some interesting museums in Castellotti Palace: the Archeological Mueum, the Civic Art Gallery, the Museum of Popular Traditions where you can see the permanent exhibition dedicated to lace pillow.

Offida is famous for its rich wine and food tradition: you can taste DOC wines, traditional foods such as stuffed chichì and funghetti, typical local sweets.