MEETING POINT: Arringo Square or De Gasperi Street

DURATION: 2 hours, half day  

TRANSPORT: walking route

Extra costs could be expected to enter into some sites

NOTES: The route could be changed according yours demands

Palazzo dell'Arengo,Ascoli Piceno.

Arengo Palace, Ascoli Piceno.

The route starts in Arringo Square where you can admire the Arengo Palace, the Town Hall. Its facade is inspired by the most famous Baroque buildings in Rome. In the Cathedral we can admire the crypt dedicated to S. Emidio; here the relics of the Saint are conserved and we can admire a beautiful sculpted group in marble..

In Roma Square you can find the Church of S.Mary of the Charity called “della Scopa“..the church is one of the most interesting example of the Baroque architecture in the town.

S. Maria della Carità, Ascoli Piceno

The Church of S. Maria della Carità, Ascoli Piceno

In People’s Square you can find a Baroque shrine along one of the apse of the Church of S. Francis; it was designed by Lazzaro Morelli, collaborator of the great artist Bernini. Once, in this shrine, a votive imagine was here..behind the Church of S. Francis we can see the beautiful cloister made by during the Baroque period in Ascoli Piceno.This cloister is called “Vegetables Square”.

In Ventidio Basso Square we can find the Church of S. Pietro Martire, one of the largest churches in the town: internally you can admire beautiful Baroque altars.In Mazzini Street, the main road of the town, you can find beautiful and majestic Baroque buildings made by noble Ascolan families. Among them you can see externally: Lenti-Gallo Palace, Parisani Palace with disturbing figureson the facade..!