MEETING POINT: Arringo Square or De Gasperi Sreet

DURATION: 2 hours, half day  

TRANSPORT: walking route

ACCESSIBILITY: the Roman bridge isn’t accessible for the presence of architectural barriers

NOTES: The route could be changed according yours demands. Is it possible to include the Archeological Museum (Roman section).

Ente Quintana,Palazzo dell'Arengo

The Quintana Museum, Arengo Palace.

The route starts in Arringo Square, a medieval square where the public assemblies were held. In Mercatori Room (the seat of tourist office) you can admire an interesting archeological site. During the Roman period, in the Arringo Square, the Forum of the town rised up here..

We are visiting People Square; underneath the People’ Captains Palace an interesting site is conserved: a unique example of museum urban area with different historical period, 4 of them of the Roman period. Here an interesting Roman building rised up on this area; we can understand the role of the square during the Roman period.

Area archeologica, Piazza del Popolo

The archeological area, People Square


Near to the Church of S. Francis you can see the two Roman streets: Cardo street and Decumano street, typical of the Roman cities. We are seeing the Roman bridge: it was built by the Emperor Augusto and today we can see it inside! The Roman bridge was restored during the 1930..

In S. Tommaso Square we can admire the square and the Church of S. Tommaso; during the Roman period the Roman amphitheater rised up in this place.. suggestive exhibitions were held here; from S. Tommaso Square we are visiting Cecco d’Ascoli Square where we can admire the ancient entrance of the town from Rome: the Roman Gateway or Gemina Gateway. Not far from here the beautiful Roman theater on the Annunziata hill.