Portale di Giulio II, Cartiera Papale.

Portal dedicated to Giulio II


The Papal paper mill is located on the right side of Castellano river, one of the two rivers in Ascoli Piceno. Since the VIII century the hydraulic energy of the Castellano river was exploited to move the mills and fulling-mills that made up an industrial complex of great importance for the production of various manufactured products. 

In 1512 the paper mill was restructured under the pontificate of Pope Julius II, acquiring an evocative Renaissance beauty; of particular importance was the fabrication of paper which was produced here up until the end of the First World War.

In the museum you can find the recreations of millstones, the basins for the production of “paper paste” and the instruments for the production of sheet of paper. The building houses two museums: The Museum of Natural History “A. Orsini” and the Museum of Water.